This blog is written by Andrew Samuelsen. I am a graduate student currently enrolled in the East Asian studies at the University of Oslo. This blog, although it was initially started as a site where I would write on Marxism, will be about everything that interests me.

I am a leftist, but not in the sense that I think everything will be fixed as long as we get a leftist party in government. I am aware of the extreme success of capitalist market economy. I am aware that industrialized countries all are capitalist, more or less. (More or less, not in terms of capitalist ideology, but in terms of more or less regulations by the state into the marked). But the third world is also more or less (more often less) capitalist. Non-capitalist countries are mostly failed states. So why do I call myself leftist then? I seem to glorify the market and capitalism.

Reason is simple. This cannot go on forever. The collapse of the markets in 2008 was proof of the inherent problems. But further, I will say that this is a small problem to the more “deep” problems in the future. I am extremely pessimistic, but not a determinist. I think something can be done, and this blog will try to at least formulate a raindrop in the sea of thought that has to develop before this can happen.


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