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The new left

First blog. First post. This blog is all about looking at the world by going back to Marx, which does not mean it is a call to arms, or a strategy for a new communist utopia, but rather; it is about asking the simple question of what we are doing today? This question can be made clear, at least more than now, if we are to go back to Marx. It seems that now, more then ever, this is our foremost task. Reading that Marx’ Capital is selling like never before, there can be no doubt that there is growing interest in his ideas. However, this opens up for misinterpretations and misrepresentations. Needless to say, this blog may also suffer. But only to the extent other people let it. So this is a shout out to people out there. Please comment. Please make some noise. We need it more than ever.

The most important issue at hand is, let us not go back to any idealist utopia. Our reading should be, and must be, based on the world we live in. But what is the point of going back then? Isn’t there new ideas, new thinkers, new sets of theories that can be of more importance to us? I think not. I think that our point of departure must be a return, but only so that we can go forth with greater pace.

Is all this confusing? Does it all sound like gubbledygoop? Then I guess it is because the answer, or even the questions are not clear. There seems to be too much certainty in our times of uncertainty. This blog will not try to become another sound in that collage. Its message is simple. We do not know what we are doing, but we are still doing it. We do not know where we stand, but we are nevertheless here – standing on top of quite astounding accomplishments, but accomplishments that may bring is to an end. And the answer to our questions, even the answer to what our questions should be, must be to “Read, read, and read.” And by reading we must go back. And by going back we must go “Back to Marx.”


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